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Satisfied Popcorn Lovers

“I have been a popcorn snob for decades and your popcorn is so far superior it is amazing. No contest.”



“I just love your Organic All Natural Microwave Popcorn — Fat Free/Lightly salted. It is just perfect.”


New Jersey

“I didn’t get my hopes up since I have tried so many other organic popcorns and we just didn’t like them. Monday night I finally made a batch of your super pop popcorn.  Can I just say – WOW!! I used the same amount I normally would use. Your popcorn actually popped the top off my pan while it was popping. The kernels were HUGE! (Guess I won’t have to use as much next time) Most important of all, my husband really, REALLY liked your popcorn and so did I. Huge kernels and tasty popcorn. He was very impressed. So I guess I won’t have to search for organic popcorn anymore. Thank you for making such a great organic product!”



“Wherever I am, I love your popcorn (I even take it with me when I travel) and am so glad I can get it online. I’m an RN and recommend your popcorn to lots of my patients recovering from cardiac episodes as they try to make dietary adjustments to lower fat/higher fiber/healthier snacking.”



“For heart health related reasons, your product is far superior to any other popcorn I have been able to locate locally.”



“Without a doubt the best popcorn I ever had and will continue to eat.”


New Jersey